HSSI has been serving the Southern Illinois community since 1956. We are a private, nonprofit organization that takes in approximately 4,000 animals yearly. Although we do have contracts with some local animal control agencies, we depend on donations to help keep our shelter in operation.

Our facility offers a variety of services to the public, which include the following:

  • Low cost spay/neuter program
  • Lost and Found Listings
  • Animal RTO's (Or, we return lost animals to their guardians)
  • Animal Adoptions
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Fundraisers
  • Animal Surrender (We take in lost, stray, or companion animals from people that no longer want them and we turn no animal away)
  • Animal Sponsorship Program
  • HSSI Membership
  • Publish a Quarterly Newsletter

While we try our best to find homes for all of our animals, oftentimes we don't have the space to keep every animal we receive. Because of this reason, we try to help you figure out other options before surrendering an animal to us. There are several "No-Kill" or "Restricted Access" shelters throughout southern Illinois, and we recommend getting in touch we these facilities before even considering Animal Surrender at HSSI. As much as we dislike having to euthanize animals, it is an issue that our shelter faces on a daily basis.