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An excellent high quality food for guinea pigs is Cavy Cuisine from Oxbow Hay. For more great info about having a pet Guinea Pig see links to the left.

If you are looking for a unique friend keep checking. In the past we have had goats, pigs, geese, hedgehogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc.... If you don't see what you are looking for here, try Petfinder.

Petfinder and Pets911 are both great ways to find any kind of companion animal. Don't buy a friend at a petstore! There are countless homeless animals needing good homes. Rescue/adopt, don't buy. People sometimes point out that pets in petstores need homes too. However, selling animals is a money making business that perpetuates pet overpopulation. Until the animals already with us in our communities have homes, it is not humane to keep producing more to make money. So buying from a petstore or a backyard breeder contributes to the problem of overpopulation. Furthermore, the little animals like those on this page are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by those just wanting to make money at their expense. They are literally viewed as disposable "pocket pets" by the industry.