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Rabbits are the third most prevalent animal found at shelters. Often this is a result of people
buying a rabbit on a whim, like as an Easter present for children, without realizing what kind of
care these animals should have. They are not a stuffed toy and should not just be kept cramped
up in a small cage without ever being allowed to get out and interact with the family. There are many things to consider before adopting a rabbit.

Please review some of the great links to the left to find out about sharing your home with a
rabbit if you are considering one for a pet. The House Rabbit Society at www.rabbit.org is a
great place to start, with information on everything from what kind of diet to feed your rabbit to
the importance of spaying and neutering. They also have a book that is highly recommended
called House Rabbit Handbook available locally at Barnes and Noble or you can purchase it
online. If you go through www.igive.com and join, part of the proceeds of the sale
will go to us! Rabbits for Dummies is another informative book that was just released and is
available at Waldenbooks or online.

The highest quality, highest fiber pellet available locally can be found at Dillinger's Feed Store in Carbondale. You can also find high quality timothy hay there. Both the pellets and hay are from
American Pet Diner. Kaytee Exact Rainbow is also a good rabbit pellet and available at Fishnet in Carbondale. Timothy hay is a must-have every day to keep your rabbit's delicate digestive system healthy. Other recommendations are to avoid pine litters, as well as clumping cat litters, and skip the treats. Oh yeah, and don't forget the toys!

Try the Missouri House Rabbit Society in St. Louis on petfinder! They have a very large selection of orphan bunnies looking for homes. Tell them we sent you. Remember - Never buy a bunny from a pet store and always spay/neuter your pet bunny!